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Fly High in Cairns: The Kuranda Skyrail

The Australian city of Cairns, located in the province of Queensland is well-known for its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef. Tourists flock to the city nestled between the Coral Sea and Great Dividing Range on the Cape York Peninsula for world-class reef tours and the warm beach weather. While the Reef is no doubt one of the great natural wonders of the world, Cairns has other attractions that should not be missed by travelers planning a trip to the area. For those who would like to witness a synthesis of natural beauty and man-made technological might, a trip along the Kuranda Skyrail is just what the doctor ordered. Read more.


The Airport is a term used more and more often today in our ever-changing world of Travel and Business. Aviation has grown exponentially in the last few years and continues to grow almost beyond our means of controlling it. The Airport plays the vital role in maintaining a safe place for aircraft to operate on the ground as well as a place for people to come in contact with Aviation.


Airports have evolved from just a simple grass strip to some of the most modern facilities our world has ever built. Furthermore with advanced screening systems to detect drugs and nuclear weapons, highly trained dogs and qualified staff, airports also put safety and security as a high priority. For extra protection, most airports now offer bubble wrap to cover your luggage prior to flights. You can also label your luggage with an RFID tag to easily track it. This latest in security pioneering is perfect for identification as well as tracking. If you don’t want to go to the extreme, basic security measures are recommended such as simply naming and locking your suitcases. Airports struggle everyday to keep up with the fast paced growth of Aviation and with that bring tough challenges to the men and women who work in the airport industry. Lastly, all airports no matter the size or complexity are listed here. Without the small airports the large ones would never have evolved. We support all airports and we stand behind the fight to save as many airports from closure as possible. General Aviation Airports are closing at an alarming rate and education as to the importance of these airports are there only defense.

The New Haven 's new municipal airport was opened on August 29th, 1931 for operation. Conveniently located at Morris Cove, four and three quarter miles southeast of the centre of the city and one and a half miles from East Haven's centre, it is easily accessible by all. The land was bought in 1929 and fortunately was reasonably priced, in an ideal site and quite large at 236 acres of land.

The airport was named after John Tweed after he managed it for thirty years. It was under his guidance and lead that the airport grew to the successful place it is now. His role in New Haven 's aviation history was vital as he dedicated his life to it. Tweed New Haven Airport can take you to over 126 places nationally around the United States of America . When you arrive at Tweeds, you can choose from two rental car companies, Avis or Hertz or if you prefer public transport, choose either the bus or a taxi.

At the moment, Tweed New Haven is under construction as it wants to expand however it has been halted due to disapproval from East Haven residents and the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. The $10 million construction plan was implemented to increase flight incomings and outings and there is yet to be a decision with what the outcome will be.